What you can do now so that your children won’t need braces later

Braces are common to children nowadays. Parents readily take their child to go see a dentist and have them fitted with braces to fix certain dental issues like overbite and crooked teeth. It is a natural reaction as a parent because they don’t want their child to have self-esteem issues or health issues moving forward because of dental problems that can be solved with braces.

While it is admirable for parents to put their child’s well-being first, it is important to note that there are things that can be started while your kids are young to save you and your child the time and money because they need to get braces in the future.

Discourage Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing is common in children who develop this habit while being active. They pass air through their mouth and not through their nose because it sucks in more air. However, this habit contributes to misaligned teeth as the child gets older.

Breathing through the mouth exerts pressure on the young teeth which eventually pushes them out of their position and slowly becoming misaligned. This can be a habit developed by natural causes like asthma, snoring, and enlarged tonsils. For these natural causes, you should visit a doctor to help you correct this problem immediately and it will indirectly correct your child’s mouth breathing problem.

No to Thumb Sucking

A sign that your child has bad oral habits is when he or she regularly sucks his/her thumb. Continuous thumb sucking will result in your child developing a bad bite which eventually causes crooked teeth that leads for the need of braces.

Parents should know that thumb sucking is a habit developed by kids because they need to feel secure. To counteract this, you should know how to address their insecurities and fears as a child. Don’t force them to stop sucking their thumbs. A reward system or gentle reminders are more effective ways for you to prevent this problem.

Prevent stress-related issues

Children commonly grind their teeth or use their facial muscles to create tension between their teeth. This problem is called Bruxism which can be both genetic or stress-related for children. Yes, children do experience stress.

An anxious child usually succumbs to stress which result to them developing Bruxism. Parents can employ de-stressing methods or put their child in less stressful situations to combat their problems with anxiety.

It is also important to get to know your child so you can keep them from encountering situations where they might feet stressed. Parental instinct should also come into play so you know how to calm your child down when you see they’re stressed. This is where a timely hug or kiss can work wonders for your child.

Child Dental Care

Starting your child early in dental care will do wonders for them because you’ll know the state of their oral health and prevent any problems in the future. A dentist will inform you, the parent, measures to take so that your child won’t need braces in the future.

Finding the right child dental services is crucial to your child’s dental health. Get the right treatment for any dental issue your child is experiencing. You can also get the right tips and advice from your chosen dentist to keep dental issues popping up in the future.

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