Awesome Functional Gifts for a Baby Shower

Is someone close to you celebrating the miracle of life? Well, you have to get her and her bundle of joy a truly amazing gift. All angels coming into this world deserve a warm welcome they truly deserve. But with all the mothers and babies’ stuff available in the market today, it can be quite confusing what to get for a baby shower. Choosing a gift that will surely be appreciated is not an easy task. You have to make sure to get an amazing functional gift. To help you out, you have to read on.

Health and Comfort

Babies are so fragile and have not fully developed their immunity yet. So, to keep them healthy and comfortable, purchase products such as sanitizers, wipes, toiletries, shampoos, lotions, powder, soap, Q-tips, nail hygiene items, diapers, etc. In fact, you can form a cake with the use of these items, especially with diapers, which is a very popular baby shower gift nowadays. Bear in mind that you should get baby friendly products, like no tears formula for bath products and hypoallergenic ingredients.

Guides & Books

Sometimes moms can be clueless on the subject of parenting, especially new ones. So, to help them out on this fulfilling endeavor, a book or a DVD of parenting guides is a more favored term – parenting hacks will be a wonderful gift. Advices from these will definitely make parenting easier and much more enjoyable. You can also give children’s books for the baby for story telling time.

Feeding Products

Although, babies won’t be eating solid food before a specific month, having the utensils they will be needing beforehand will be very convenient. Feeding spoons and fork, plates and bowls, cups, bottle, nips, sterilizers and the like are essentials must haves for a growing baby. It is also advisable to include the best baby bibs to minimize mess and prevent babies’ clothes from food stains. You can also add some feeding formula if the baby is bottle fed. The choices you have in this category are vast. Just make sure that they are baby friendly and must be BPA free.


Babies learn through playing, buying them age appropriate toys will be one of the best options you’ll have for a baby shower gift. The market for babies offers vast choices, one thing you have to bear in mind, buy gifts that are safe – babies love putting things in their mouth, so beware of choking hazards and the material should not put the little ones at risk for poisoning of any kind.


Various clothing items are infant essentials during the infancy stage, this includes undershirt, socks, mittens, sleeved shirt and the like. The best burp cloths are also indispensable during the first few months where the baby has not developed his or her burping abilities yet. So, don’t forget to include one as a gift. By the way, before purchasing clothing for the baby, make sure to put into consideration the gender of the little one, if it is not known yet, and kept as a surprise, there are unisex clothes available in most stores. And remember to buy clothes that have allowance for the baby to grow into. Babies grow so fast and sometimes, the clothes that they are wearing a certain month will not fit into the next. Be wise in purchasing this gift.

A baby shower is a memorable time for the mom-to-be. A present that is practical, functional and ideal will be an awesome gift for the baby and of course for the parents. Choose wisely and know that the gift you will be presenting will definitely be deeply appreciated by the recipients.

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